Yoga fasting days

When fasting is coordinated with the moon cycle it brings several benefits. The moon’s gravitation field affects all bodies of water on the earth – though it is most easily observed on the oceans in the rhythms of the tides. As the human body is composed of 90% water – the moon’s pull also affects our body and mind, creating a subtle pressure which may express as moodiness,irritation, restless, difficulties in digestion etc around that time of the month. Fasting helps to counteract this influence when it is done at in the period 3 days before the full moon or the new moon (known in sanskrit as Ekadashi). In addition, fasting can also be practiced on the actual full moon and new moon days. Another subtle benefit is that when the mind is peaceful and elevated during the new moon phase – the pineal gland can more easily secrete a substance known since ancient times as “amrita” or nectar – which induces a state of blissful divine intoxication.

The following chart lists the upcoming fasting days:

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