What is meditation?

boat with rower


Mantra is like a boat that helps to cross the turbulent waters of the mind to reach the tranquil shore of the Self…

Meditation is the stilling and focusing of the mind on our innermost essence. Usually our minds are restlessly wandering, flickering like a a candle flame in the wind, easily disturbed by external influences. Meditation is like focusing scattered rays of light into a laser beam that can penetrate through the turbulence of the conscious and subconscious mind until it contacts the ever-blissful deep peace of our infinite Self.

Mantra is the focusing lens of this laser. It is a refined sound that has a synchronising effect on the restless vibrations of the mind, tuning it to the vibration of the Cosmic Mind.

The nature of the mind is to think, so rather than attempting to void it of all thoughts, meditation keeps the mind actively engaged in conceiving a single subtle, elevating thought. The choice of a mantra and its meaning is very important, as another fundamental tendency of the mind that “as you think, so you become”. The most elevating and subtle thought is that of the loving presence of infinite, eternal, compassionate consciousness. This is our inherent essence, and the essence of every being in the creation. As we train our minds on this thought, we can experience oneness with our Self and the universe.

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