Weekly Meditations

Weekly collective meditation practice is held at the Morningstar Center, str. Almas 16 in Sector 1 near to the metro stop for Parcul Bazilescu.


The meditation is organized on Sundays at 18.00. Please call to confirm the timings as occassionally it is held in Sector 3. (Didi 0744565252)

Didi Ananda Devapriya, interviewed on 6 TV

Didi Ananda Devapriya was interviewed as a guest of Stefan Pusca’s show “Dialogues between the Heart and Mind” on 6 TV in Bucharest Romania. She talked about meditation, service and spirituality as well as her own spiritual path which led her to becoming a yogic nun.

Yoga fasting days

When fasting is coordinated with the moon cycle it brings several benefits. The moon’s gravitation field affects all bodies of water on the earth – though it is most easily observed on the oceans in the rhythms of the tides. As the human body is composed of 90% water – the moon’s pull also affects our body and mind, creating a subtle pressure which may express as moodiness,irritation, restless, difficulties in digestion etc around that time of the month. Fasting helps to counteract this influence when it is done at in the period 3 days before the full moon or the new moon (known in sanskrit as Ekadashi). In addition, fasting can also be practiced on the actual full moon and new moon days. Another subtle benefit is that when the mind is peaceful and elevated during the new moon phase – the pineal gland can more easily secrete a substance known since ancient times as “amrita” or nectar – which induces a state of blissful divine intoxication.

The following chart lists the upcoming fasting days:

Meditation: Searching for the Real You

Meditation: “Guru- The Guide” – chapter 6

As spiritual seekers, you and I face many challenges. For example, our daily life may not encourage or support meditation or the desire for inner awakening. If people see you sitting for a long period with your eyes closed, they may think you are just trying to cut yourself off or to escape from the world. When faced with these questions I explain that my meditation is helping me come in touch with the whole garden of life; I’m learning to see more than the small path in one corner of the garden where I’ve always walked. We may face inner doubts as well as outer distractions. I meet meditators who seem to have set some sort of timeline for success in meditation. They seem to think they must make a certain level of progress by a certain date. If not, it means the meditation is not good for them (or that they just can’t do it). However, as I suggested earlier, we do not always have Continue reading Meditation: Searching for the Real You

Bramacakra – The Cycle of Creation according to Yoga philosophy

Brahmacakra: The Origin and Destiny of Creation from Didi Devapriya on Vimeo.

According to the ancient teachings of yoga, everything in the universe moves consciously or unconsciously around the Cosmic Nucleus – the Supreme Soul, or Brahma. Each and every atom that enters into the cycle of creation passes through a gradual evolution of consciousness. Ultimately human consciousness has the possibility to fully reflect Cosmic Consciousness and merge back into the Supreme state – in the blissful union known as Yoga Samadhi. This cycle from bliss and back to bliss, is known as the Brahmacakra.

This is a creative, artistic representation of the Brahmacakra based on the Ananda Sutram, the seed of the philosophy of Ananda Marga, as given by the great spiritual teacher Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii.

The video was made by trainee yogic nuns of Ananda Marga in the Sweden Training Center in 2001, in collaboration with Hitendra from Innervision Studios.

Interview with Dada Chandranath about meditation

Dada Chandranath was one of the first disciples of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii and learned meditation directly from the master. He was also one of the first “acaryas” of Ananda Marga. Acaryas are spiritual teachers authorized by the master for the traditional oral transmission of the spiritual practices in an authentic manner. Dada attained high level of realization in his practice and radiated serenity and wisdom. Continue reading Interview with Dada Chandranath about meditation