How to meditate?


You can download an MP3 which has been specially designed to help you begin an effective and easy introductory meditation practice. Naturally, you do not to depend on access to an MP3 player or any other external objects to begin meditation – the minimum requirement for practicing meditation is to have a human body and mind. However, in order to benefit from kiirtan – a special form of meditative mantra music that is especially conducive for relaxing and harmonizing the mind, we have included this MP3.

Download (10Mb): Guided meditation

Kiirtan can be composed to any musical tune, and consists of the repetition of mantra (sound that liberates the mind) – in this case the mantra is BABA NAM KEVALAM. Sound, especially in the rhythmic form of music has the ability to free the mind of other thoughts and distractions.

Baba nam kevalam has a deep and spiritual meaning. Baba means our most intimate and loving inner entity, in other words, the Infinite Self, Supreme Consciousness, or Cosmic Love. Nam means vibration, name or manisfestation and Kevalam means only. So the full meaning of Baba Nam Kevalam can be thought of as “There is only infinite Love”, or “Everything is a manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness” and the repetition of this mantra is a way to fully immerse the mind in the spiritual dimension of Cosmic Oneness. This mystical inner meaning of the mantra helps to create a link between our small microcosmic self, and our inner unlimited cosmic Self.


To aid better concentration, it is recommended, when possible, to reinvigorate your energy with a quick “half-bath.” Splash cool water on your face, arms, and feet, which helps to slow down your heartbeat and breathing, and bring more blood to the brain.

Find a quiet place to sit. It is better to meditate on a mat, cushion or blanket spread on the floor, but it is also possible to meditate sitting in a chair, as long as you sit without touching the back of the chair. It is better not to use a soft chair or a bed for meditation, because it tends to make one sleepy.


So sitting with your legs crossed, close your eyes and place your palms one on top of the other, resting them on your lap. Let your spine find its natural alignment rather than holding it straight by force.


If you are using the Mp3, as the music of kiirtan begins, allow your mind to be transported along the waves of sound, filling it with beauty and freeing it from its usual mundane thoughts. To experience the effect of the kiirtan fully, it helps to sing along with the music. In this way your conscious mind becomes more actively involved. A secret of concentration is to keep the mind dynamically engaged in the process of meditation. A passive mind tends to wander. However, in the beginning as you become used to the sound and melody of kiirtan, you may also listen and follow the mantra mentally. Slowly, the music will become softer and more subtle until you continue the repetition of the mantra only mentally, maintaining the state of lightness and peace created.

Relax, enjoying the moment. Observe your breath quiety without trying to interfere with it. Feel the expansion of your body as you breath in and the slow release of breathing out. Gradually, as your breathing becomes slower, your sense of pure awareness will increase.

Use your imagination – success in meditaton also depends on this. Imagine that you are surrounded by vastness, without limits or barriers. Imagine that you are immersed in infinite love accepting you unconditionally as you continue the repetition of the mantra. Slowly pronounce each syllable of Baba Nam Kevalam and feel the energy of the sound, imagining that it is saturating your mind with sweetness. If your mind becomes distracted, bring it back again to the sound of the mantra. Focus on the very essence of your existence, that Beloved Entity at your nucleus – Baba Nam Kevalam.

There is no time limit for the practice: continue for as long as you can, starting with 10 or 15 minutes and gradually increasing to 30 minutes or more.


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