Why meditate?


water-droplet-585x298When a drop of water enters in the ocean, it ceases to be a tiny drop and becomes one with the great sea…

There are many reasons that people begin to meditate: to relax, to become more balanced, to find inner peace in a stressful world, to master our emotions, to increase concentration and memory, to overcome emptiness and depression. More and more physicians are also recommending meditation as a useful tool to overcome psychosomatic diseases, ulcers, insomnia, high blood pressure etc..

Meditation brings wonderful benefits and results in all of these area, but soon most practicioners begin to experience something still deeper. They feel a deep satisfying contact with their own Inner Self that gives a richer sense of meaning to life, and they feel an expanding sense of joy and love. It can feel something like the sensation of falling in love – the whole world seems more vibrant, beautiful and full of love. For meditation is the starting point of a journey of self discovery.

Through the regular practice meditation, it is possible to awaken to our full potential as creative, loving human beings and ultimately to achieve what the yogis call “Self-Realization”. Yoga, in fact, is a word that means “unify.” Just as a drop of rain, once united with the sea, cannot be separated out again, so our small individual self can merge in the sea of the Cosmic Self through meditation.

This journey happens in gradual stages. It begins with bringing our physical body into harmony with the needs of our mind and spirit. The physical body is our base, and must be made strong, flexible and light through good diet, and proper exercise. Our mind, meanwhile must be made firm, by grounding it in clear, universal principles of morality. And we must give direction to our minds by developing the intellect through a rational philosophy that gives a logical framework for understanding life and its goal. Finally, through this process of inner refinement, we begin to more easily reach the inner dimensions of the spirit, culminating in union with our Innermost Self.

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