Songs of the New Dawn


The founder of Ananda Marga, Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar composed a body of poetic, devotional songs known as “Prabhat Samgiita” – Songs of the New Dawn. Each song captures a particular inner feeling in our relationship to that Supreme Entity. Some songs are full of sadness and longing, others filled with bliss, reflecting the ups and downs of the spiritual journey. Many of the songs are reflective meditations on the beauty of nature and the metaphors it evokes.

This video is a performance of one of the songs – Madhur giiti – the song of sweetness by Jyosna La Trobe.

Here is the translation:


The lyres of all minds play
to the same tune today.
There is fragrance in all hearts.

You came onto this earth
with Your exquisite beauty
Awakening this same feeling in all

Do not tear up my garland of flowers,
It is my only wealth – containing all of my love

Come close to me,
come closer, still closer,
take all that I have.

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