Jyosna in Brazil – beautiful yogic devotional song

Jyosna – is one of my good friends and sisters on the path of bliss. Seeing this made me miss her – and the moments we have shared, in Italy, Sweden, Copenhagen, Germany – singing and dancing together to the mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam”. Cultural programs at retreats often end with a special kiirtan sung to all of the directions – and when she plays, such a sweet flow of blissful energy is created that I never want it to stop. Often indeed, it would be well past midnight when she stopped and we sat to meditate.

I remember clearly the first time I heard her voice. I had just been given a gift of a kiirtan cassette, and as I drove home that evening – I popped it into the cassette player of the car. It was captivatingly beautiful. I felt her angelic voice resonating deep in my heart. Her music helped me to begin to fathom the concept of “bhakti” – the cultivation of a very personal, loving relationship with the Supreme. That cassette remained in my car for months.

Jyosna expresses such a deep, devotional love for the Supreme in her very touching compositions that often combine “bhajan” – devotional songs for the Beloved with “kiirtan” – mantra chanting, as in this piece.

I am so happy to find this little jewel – a video made during a small gathering at the Visao Ecological Park in Brazil – a place I would love to visit, headed by a very visionary nun, Didi Ananda Mitra.

If you would like to have a CD of Jyosna’s music – we do have a few copies at the Morningstar Center.

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